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ANETO cold glue rotary labeller

ANETO cold glue rotary labeller

for all types of containers

GMG ANETO cold glue rotary labeller is a fantastic solution for industrial sectors with medium and high volumes of production.
Its ingenious design allows the GMG to adjust the labeller to the needs of each company, taking into account the format and material of the container, the size of the labels and the required production.

In the carousel, each package is held by the base, with a plate managed by a servo motor, and an upper container support head, which ensures the stability and verticality, ensuring 100% correct application of the labels on the packaging.

The design of the gluing system, using a thermostat to control the temperature of the glue, glue metering system, the design of the gluing blade and of the smoothing sponge, enables us to ensure a proper placement of labels at high speeds of up to 30,000 BPH.

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Production ANETO cold glue

Container / hour


Container / hour


Container / hour




The machine may include more than one labeller head allowing the placement of labels, back label and seal in the same process, saving time and productive space for our customers.

Accumulation management

The containers enter the carousel through a worm gearbox that facilitates the management of production accumulations and to space the containers in order to position them in the rotary container rest plates.

Rapid format change

All management and adjustments of the GMG ANETO labeller is performed on a very easy-to-manage touch screen that allows you to record different parameters to label different packaging and labels formats.

The perimeter structure of the labeller is made of stainless steel, aluminium and methacrylate panels, in accordance with EC regulations, preventing any possibility of accident while enabling the visual inspection of its correct operation.

There is no need for maintenance teams whenever it is necessary to change the parameters and any components, label different containers, thanks to the fact that the whole process is carried out without the need for any tools.

Thanks to its reliability, robustness and productivity, the ANETO cold glue rotary labeller is the ideal machine for your final production line.

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